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Digital design

Get the most out of your Business!


Website Creation

I am here to help you get your business online. With your assistance I will create you a website that you own. Content that you own, and images that you own.

Website Rejuvenation

Has it been a while since anybody updated your website? Updated google key words? Updated images? I can assist with this - plus show you how to do it next time.

Social Media Presence

I can create your social media presence. Or take on the platforms you already operate on. Gain followers, gain sales.

Analysis of Performance 

Data is Key! Understanding what your customers are looking for is a huge advantage. I will analyse your performance and make tweaks to gain more traction.

Revenue Managment

With 25+ years in Tourism in the South Pacific, I can put together a rate strategy for your business. 

Kia Orana, I'm JC

Here to take your Business to another level - On Line!

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